Coworking – a space ideal for freelancers and start-ups

The number of freelancers who need space for individual and independent work is growing dynamically – a modern space shared with other people that will enable them to be creative. The market’s response to their needs is coworking. Let’s check what an ideal office should be for a freelancer?


Coworking – perfection for freelancers and start-ups

The world economy is increasingly based on modern technologies and intangible resources. The development of communication and information technologies, in turn, causes changes in the organization of work – outsourcing and broadly understood subcontracting are developing dynamically, which translates into an increase in the number of start-ups, micro-enterprises and freelancers. They often perform tasks remotely and need a place where they can work in comfortable conditions, without feeling isolated. Coworking has become the answer.


Coworking and its definition

  • What is coworking? It was first mentioned in 2005, when the Space Spiral Muse co-working space was created in San Francisco. From that moment on, coworking began to spread around the world. It is often considered the “third place” of work, between freelancer work at home and the classic work, carried out in a traditional office.
  • A coworking space is a place that provides a flexible, profitable and ready-to-let work environment for freelancers and small businesses from a variety of industries, enables collaboration, facilitates interaction and allows for the creation of a network of relationships between members of the coworking community.
  • Coworking is growing at an impressive pace – according to global reports, in 2022 the number of coworking spaces in the world was 19,400. This is closely related to the increase in the number of mobile workers In 2020, approximately 1.933 million people across the globe used coworking spaces.
  • Who are the main co-working spaces users? 41% are freelancers, 36% are full-time remote workers, 16% self-employed, and 7% not working (including students). When it comes to the professional structure, IT specialists (22%), PR, marketing, advertising and sales specialists (14%) as well as copywriters, journalists and writers (9%) dominate.


According to the forecast made by Mordor intelligence, the volume of flexible office workspace in the United Kingdom is expected to nearly double between 2019 and 2023, reaching 167 million square feet in 2023. Flexible office space, also referred to as coworking space or shared office space, refers to commercial office space that allows short-term leases to individuals, freelancers, small and medium enterprises, and other professionals. In contrast to traditional offices, flexible offices provide equipped and serviced office premises without long-term rent commitment. Between 2015 and 2019, the volume of flexible workspace in the United Kingdom (UK) has increased, reaching 89 million square feet in 2019. As the market is returning post COVID and becoming more and more apparent that 2022 is the year to embrace flex space. With serviced offices filling up and tenants opting out of long-term leases options, they’re beginning to return to the city through seeing the benefits to being housed within a flex space.




Coworking offices for freelancers – a must-have in the office by the hour

The days when freelancers were confined to isolation in home offices or looking for vacancies in local cafes are gone for good. Offices for rent by the hour are available in almost every major city, and in the case of the largest agglomerations, the choice of coworking space is really wide.


Desk for rent by the hour

Renting a desk is an attractive solution for freelancers and micro-business owners who gain access to high-speed Internet and office equipment at a low cost. Coworking, however, is much more – it is the opportunity to work in an inspiring environment, meet people who perform similar and completely different work, and even employers who are a group of potential investors for a developing start-up.


Check out our offer for daily desk rental in Finsbury Park:


Noise-free zone – acoustic cabins


Mental work usually requires focus. Noise in the office makes it difficult to concentrate, causing irritability and headache over time, and this is not conducive to the quality and efficiency of work.


The source of noise is not only other employees of the coworking office, but also the office equipment in it, or even sounds coming from outside. In the case of work that requires a lot of concentration, the solution may be the use of acoustic cabins.

It also happens that freelancers run the type of business that requires frequent phone calls. A way to avoid the noise associated with this are also acoustic cabins. Equipped among others with, lighting, an electric socket and USB input, guarantees the privacy of conversation in comfortable conditions and silence for other users of this shared office space.

Meeting place, conference room or event space at co-working spaces


Renting a coworking space does not only mean access to a desk. It is also possible to use the conference room, training rooms or even event rooms. If the meeting is in a small group, our conference rooms are perfect, perfectly suited to the needs and specificity of a coworking office. However, if the meeting is to be held in a larger group, our event room should be perfect for such occasions. each member of our shared office space has an exclusive discount for each space rental within their membership packages

Advantages of working in a coworking office

Working in a shared office has many advantages, the most frequently mentioned of which are the opportunity to meet new, inspiring people with whom you can exchange knowledge and experience and establish professional contacts conducive to business development. However, social conversations are also important, which is why each coworking offices usually offers the possibility of such meetings on Friday drinks or during various social events organized by the office managers.


Co-working Offices users usually appreciate in their workplaces:


  • networking, i.e. establishing business relationships aimed at cooperation, exchange of skills and knowledge, is based on mutual trust, building lasting and valuable relationships also with people from outside the industry
  • common space, i.e. social zone enriched with a relaxation zone equipped with soft upholstered furniture and modular cubes and sofas that can be adapted to the needs of the moment
  • the opportunity to act in a creative environment that inspires and supports when difficulties arise
  • economic benefits – coworking gives you the opportunity to rent an office by the hour – only when needed – so there are no additional costs associated with the continuous lease of office space and costs associated with its operationcomfortable
  • working conditions – modern co-working spaces are equipped with air conditioning, adequately soundproofed, and often equipped with acoustic cabins enabling individual work in concentration like Work + Play 
  • tenants have at their disposal not only office equipment as well as a kitchen with a coffee machine.

Coworking for freelancers has excellent conditions for development. The number of people working remotely is growing rapidly, and their satisfaction with the services of coworking offices is high – 89% of coworking employees believe that it makes them happier people (Global Coworking Survey). Working on your own terms, surrounded by friends, bringing satisfaction and profits – do you need something more?



Art Shows Music Food Culture Why is a coworking space giving so much airtime to other local spaces that aren’t us? We stand for three things flexibility, productivity, and connec

Art Shows Music Food Culture Why is a coworking space giving so much airtime to other local spaces that aren’t us? We stand for three things flexibility, productivity, and connec

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