What are flexible workspaces and their advantages

Are you looking for a flexible workspace near Finsbury park? for yourself or are you the person responsible for finding an office for the entire team?

Are you considering flexible offices as one of the alternatives?


Below we systematize information on this solution so that you can make your own decision.




Flexible offices, also known as flexible spaces or flex spaces, are offices whose characteristic feature is the rental period (or the time of providing the service consisting in putting the space into use). In the case of the traditional model, office rent is usually carried out for a period of 5 years. “Fresh” new office buildings will not agree to a shorter lease. Slightly older buildings allow rent for 3 years, but most often a limit will be set here. It is the result of perceiving the office as an investment, the value of which is determined by the guaranteed future rental income. Thus, the longer the contracts, the better in terms of building value. For many tenants, with the current dynamics of change, such a long horizon of planning the demand for space may be impossible to implement (or at least very difficult and subject to the risk of a large error). That is why flexible offices are so popular. The advantage of this solution is that such areas can be rented from month to month with the possibility of monthly notice.


What are the types of flexible work surfaces?


Hot Desks – Flexible Signle Desk Rental

A hot desk is a single work desk. Most often rented by individuals, freelancers or small teams. These are desks most often located in the common area of the facility, in the open space. This is where coworking, i.e. working in a shared space, takes place most often. There are several to several dozen desks in this space, and people with a subscription to “hot boards” use this space by sitting anywhere, at any desk. Often in such spaces, you can work on armchairs, sofas, pouffes and other interesting places. Remember that the most interesting places and those by the window are occupied first, so you need to arrive earlier to capture them.

Hot Desk in Finsbury Park – Work + Play

hot desk option is the cheapest and most flexible choice.

Included in the fee you can use the shared kitchen, where you will find free coffee and tea, and for an additional fee, you can use the printer or the conference room. Work + play also offers networking activities in which you can participate.

Dedicated desk (fixed desk):

The difference between dedicated desks and hot desks is that the dedicated desk you rent is assigned to you and no one else can use it. Other amenities and additional services are practically the same as in the case of flexible desks.

The advantage of this solution is that you can leave your belongings on the desk. You don’t have to pack them every day and leave an empty desk for someone else to use tomorrow. In the face of pandemic situations, it also gives a greater sense of security.


coworking near finsbury park

Coworking definition is an arrangement in which workers of different companies share an office space, allowing cost savings and convenience through the use of common infrastructures, such as equipment, utilities, and receptionist and custodial services, and in some cases refreshments and parcel acceptance services.

Source: wikipedia

A common concept that appears in the context of flexible offices is coworking or coworking space, but it should be noted that it is not the same.

Every coworking space is a flexible space, but not every flexible office will be coworking. As the name suggests, coworking is a space or, more broadly, a way of working by sharing space with other people, it does not have to be employees from your organization.

“Working together” allows you to make new acquaintances and business relationships, disciplines and inspires. In Work + play, the feeling of “sharing, community” is supported by organizing networking meetings, free Friday night drinks and other engaging activities.


What additional services do flexible workspace provide?

flexible office finsbury park


As we mentioned earlier, the flexibility of the discussed areas results primarily from the flexibility of the lease (use) period. Thanks to this, you are not bound by a long lease agreement, so you can easily react to changing conditions.

Short-term rentals, however, offer much more. In facilities offering flexible offices, apart from the possibility of using a furnished, ready-to-put workspace, you will get additional services. The range of services offered varies depending on the facility, so when looking for your place to work, be sure to ask about any issues that interest you.

Work + play offers:

  • cleaning,
  • fast Wi-Fi,
  • space for relaxation,
  • the possibility of using a shared kitchen, and there,
  • free coffee and tea.
  • networking activities
  • reception service,
  • access to conference rooms,


Summary : flexible workspace is simply a flexible lease period for office space, but also the resulting great freedom in managing the amount of space you pay for and use. Do you need more for an additional project team? Due to an unexpected situation, do you need to reduce the space and thus costs? Talk to us. It shouldn’t be a problem.

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Art Shows Music Food Culture Why is a coworking space giving so much airtime to other local spaces that aren’t us? We stand for three things flexibility, productivity, and connec

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